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The truth behind animal abuse. Part two: Animal crush videos.

Hi guise!

This is rather unexpected of me. I didn't think I'd have enough time to write TWO entries this month (artist of the month coming later), but after an alarming and disturbing cause was brought to my attention, I knew I had to post it here right now! My fur factory farming entry is my most read entry so clearly you guise are interested in learning about what horribles things people are capable of doing to animals (so for now one you can ban fur from your life and not buy anything from L'ancome or Pantene ProV).

To be honest, I wasn't completly aware that issue like this was even out there. I'm still very shocked about what I learned goes down in fur farms. It still keeps me awake at night. I'm consciously avoiding my animal testing research because I know what that knowledge will do to me. I have like basic knowledge of what the test subject animals have to go through, but I'm convinced that once I dig deeper, all kinds of horrible and unforgivable stuff will come out. As a result, I'll be 100% more traumatized than I already am. (I'm a sensitive person you know, I can't just research about this stuff, write about it and then forget it. No. This stuff will most likely haunt me for the rest of my life).

I was naive to think that cruelty against animals was 'limited' only to fur farming and animal testing. With occasional animal murder/torture you read about or hear about. Sadly there is a-not-so-vocal 'practice' of animal abuse that is now getting attention from animal rights organizations and the public. As the title suggests, this animal abuse act is about smaller animals being literally crushed for the sake of sexual pleasure and 'entertainment'. I use entertainment loosely because only seriously sick people would find these videos 'entertaining'.

And this is no joke, videos like these really exists. Those aren't stunt bunnies, those girls really killed them on video. No CGI or animation, that's all real.
I really don't want to feature more pics than the one above, because the stuff you'd see, is seriously nauseating, not to mention heart breaking. One of the concepts of the animal crush videos is this: A person (most often a young woman) crushes a small animal with her stiletto heels. Literally, slowly 'stomps' the animal to its death. Additionally these videos include people skinning small animals alive, setting them on fire or breaking and tearing their limbs to earn more screams. The list is endless. And might I add, this is a serious misuse of the phrase 'use your imagination'!

 You know some people say that video games provoke violence. And some suggest that people (especially young people) who have committed a homicide is because they were unable to tell the difference between fantasy/game land and reality. Like where fantasy ends and reality begins kinda thing. Well just think what the people who watch animal crush videos are like. It goes without saying that a person who enjoys watching animal crush videos, or similar videos starring humans, is a deeply deeply disturbed person. It makes me sick to even think that someone could find sexual release whilst watching these videos. It takes a really sick mind to 'be able' to enjoy something like this.  

I'm interested in psychology and I know that anyone who is in their right mind wouldn't find animal crush videos sexually arousing or amusing or entertaining. I'm not really that concerned about what video games do to young children, I'm seriously concerned about what people who like to watch these type of videos are capable of doing to other people. I read somewhere that a person who enjoys torturing animals or likes to watch animal torture videos is a serious threath to other human beings (and naturally to animals). If they are already lacking in the empathy and 'what's right and what's wrong' department, we can imagine that these people don't really care much about their actions no matter how brutal they are.
And it strickes me as odd that these people are not locked away. Well perhaps once they get caught they are, I can't tell for sure, I know that the law in some parts of the world, is pretty kind to criminals --_-- I don't know anybody who'd find animal torture videos anything, but horrible and unforgivable so I'm not sure how the people who do enjoy them are punished.

However, what about those who MAKE the videos? As much as I am concerned about that someone would actually like to watch these videos, who is that person (or gang) who likes to make these videos?! I noticed that most of the culprits are women O_o Asian women --_-- I have nothing against Asians it's just that the fact that animal crush videos are mostly made in Asia doesn't surprise me. How could a continent, that has limited human rights, could have any animal rights. That's what I think. The animal laws in Asia are very vague than what they are in Europe or North America (here in Europe we actually have strict animal rights laws) so of course most of the animal crush videos are filmed in Asia. Again, I'm very much in love with Japan and Japanese culture and I'm slightly interested in South Korea and I'd like to go to Singapore. However, I think Asia is light years behind Europe and North America in human and animal rights. And I hope with all of my heart that they are trying to fix those for the better as we speak. 
So I was talking about those who take part in the act. I cannot even fathom out how anyone could just stand on top of a screaming baby rabbit and slowly crush the life out of him or her and not feel any remorse. Or how could someone set a kitten on fire and watch whilst he or she screams and runs around in your living room and still not be affected by it. The mere sound of an animal in distress tugs my heart strings. There are so many things I cannot understand about this world, but to hurt an animal (or anyone) willingly, takes the cherry. Should be pretty clear that those who take part in animal crush videos lack in both empathy and sympathy and must have pretty sadistic personalities. I don't see how otherwise anyone would agree to take part in such act. 

Needless to say, the government and society should be aware of this practice for it contributes to the generation of the serial killing mind. According to all serial murderers share a common history of animal abuse. And usually the next step is homicide. It should be made governments task to protect the animals as much as the society from this kind of practice. Not only is it inhumane and unnecessary, but it could be used as a tool to jolt the unstable minds of indefinite characters.

Funny story, in the early 2000s the museum of modern art Kiasma in Helsinki Finland, featured a video which at one point showed a man (he calls himself an artist) killing a rescue/shelter cat with an ax and then masturbates on the cat's corpse. It took the museum a while to remove the video and the man got away with a fine. He had abused animals before he made the video.

 Here you may sign a petition for the UK Parliament to outlaw animal crush videos. 


And here you may find more information on animal crush videos and about the Stop Crush organization who is working so hard to stop this cruel practice.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them - Dalai Lama.

This is what I believe in.
Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you in a few weeks when it's time for the artist of the month!

Cheers! AP


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