tiistai 31. heinäkuuta 2012

RANT RANT! July's artist post delayed!

It's almost 12am and I am pissed off!
I was supposed to post this month's artist review, but because I had to work overtime today, July's review is going to be few days late. Seriously guise I am so so pissed off right now.
Here is what I think of serving you
The thing is that I was hoping to leave work early today and finish my review. However...of course 15min before closing time we get one group of five and two groups of three --_-- Naturally they all wanted wine and cocktails and appetizers, the works. Meaning that the evening manager and I couldn't start our evening routine because we had to serve all the people in the restaurant first --_-- When it was time to start tidying up, the evening manager was no help at all so I had to do EVERYTHING by myself. I was counting on that I could leave at least 15min early, so I'd have had plenty of time to finish my review. BUT you know how it is, you think you can leave some place early, but you end up staying way longer than you expected and it's no fun at all. I was really cursing behind the bar, because I was so angry that I had let down myself like this. I had promised myself that I would not miss or delay a single artist review. I'm also very sad that those of you who look forward to my review (people are reading my blog? O_O) have to wait even longer to read July's review. So for the first time (after 6 months of being on time) I'm posting an artist review late.

*sigh* I know it's a little my fault for leaving it till the last minute, but like I said, if I had managed to leave work at least 15min early, I would have made it. Our restaurant was empty by 9pm the day before so it was pretty unlikely that I'd have to stay overtime today. WELL the joke is on me.

I know that I could stay up all night and finish the review, after all the biography is done, I just need to give my perspective on the artist's work HOWEVER, in less than 6 hours I'm catching a boat to Tallinn. I have to get up after 5am because my BFF and I are going on a day trip to Tallinn. Well it's a hair cut trip really. My family has been going to the same hair salon in Tallinn for almost a decade. We love the place, it's really really cheap and they always do a good job =) Plus it's always so nice to go to Tallinn. They have this really a-may-zaah sushi place there! <3 Their menu is very contemporary!

You don't want to be doing that...
 All of you who have worked in customer service (or are/ have been waiters and waitresses) can understand how annoyed I am right now. I could have left on time, because I'm just an extra, I am not obligated to stay overtime. But I'm planning to move London in January so I need to save all the money I can, hence overtime is a nice little bonus.

I am deeply sorry that July's artist review will be posted in August. I have friday off from work, so you can expect to read the review on Aug. 3rd. Thanks for understanding, meanwhile here is Bigbang.

                                                   Go G-D, kick that mannequin's nuts!

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  1. I feel your pain... >.< Had a similar thing happen tonight when I was closing - 5 mins before we close a mother and son come to buy all of his textbooks for college.... sigh... and then no one told us we were using more cash registers than usual so there was more money to count too. Annoying how easily stuff like that can ruin your day.

    But! enjoy your trip to Tallinn! Just fun tomorrow and no annoying customers, yesssss? ^^

    1. I feel your pain too --_-- people can be so insensitive. It's like, who comes to have dinner at 9pm?! Or comes to shop friggin textbooks so late?! And it's those moments when you realize that you won't be going home for a while since customers have delayed your closing up routine. It's sad that things like these can ruin a perfectly good day =( There are days when I don't mind staying for overtime, this wasn't one of them.

      YAY no annoying customers today! xP Though I had not-so-wonderful-food-adventure. I was about to have lunch in a restaurant that served rabbit :'( I say it was a miracle I didn't start crying hysterically then and there...I cried a little later at my favourite sushi place. Otherwise, it was a good trip thänx =)