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Top 10 Obsessions

Because it's 9 days until Christmas, I figured I wouldn't want to talk about something as depressing as Fur farming and Animal testing when it's so close to the happiest day of the year. I like the fact that on Christmas we can pretend that everything is alright in the world, just this once. On Christmas I allow myself to think that the world is a lovely place and every one is having a jolly time (instead of thinking how awful people can be and what awful things are happening right now on our planet).
Christmas gives me this feeling that makes me excited and happy =) I like to buy presents for my family and friends (though this year I shopped mostly online), it's that anticipation 'will they like this? I like this! I hope they'll like this!' =^_^=
Unfortunately, because we don't have any snow here, I'm not on that Christmas mood yet. Too bad we don't have any snow here in Helsinki =/ nor frost. Just rain --_-- but atleast the city is filled with Christmas lights =) It looks nice. So anyway I'm giving you this fun list I did, about things that I'm obsessed to.

This idea is originally my good friend RjOkami's =D
When she made her list a year ago, I found it so a-may-zaah and interesting that I thought about putting together my own 'Top 10 Obsessions' list, on Facebook. I never got around to do it, until now, here >=) Have fun at deciphering my obsessions (U decide if they tell a lot about me or not).

Nr. 10. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Uh, well I just had to put this here because basically I was obsessed with F.R.I.E.N.D.S for a whole decade. After viewing almost every single episode day after day, it became a full time background noise in my (and my little sister's, we share a room) room. When we had memorized most of the dialogue and plot, we really didn't need to watch it anymore. I'd draw or write while 'watching' F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I do love this show very much though. If I haven't got anything else to 'watch' or listen to, I'll put on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This show is so funny and clever (though it stopped being clever after season 6). Chandler is my favourite character. And my favourite episode is season 4 episode 12 "The One With The Embryos", where Joey and Chandler have a 'friends' quiz against Monica and Rachel. (Random note: I wish I knew my friends just as well, to arrange a quiz like that!)

Nr. 9. Taking pictures.
I am a camera nazi, I know xP I just loove love loove taking pictures. It's my way of capturing events, moments and things. I may see something interesting and the only way to really preserve it, I reckon, is to take a picture of it (it lasts longer). This way I can always go back to that event or scene and find something new about it (unless it's a picture of me and my pals drunk xP). I'll tell you secret, I'm not really into live-sketching. I take pictures, I go home and sketch the scene/thing from the photo. It's a habbit I have. I suppose I see photography as one way to document my life. (Random note: I'm a fckng good photographer, not like I'm a professional but I can take beautiful pictures).

Nr. 8. Collecting Fashion magazines.
I don't know how many people know this, but I'm obsessed with collecting Fashion magazines, foreign, fashion magazines. Especially Vogues. It first started when I saw an interesting dialogue on 'Death Proof'. Funny enough my dad went to Italy soon (for work) and I asked him to bring me Italian Vogue. I think this was 2007 or 2008. Ever since, I have been collecting Vogues (Italian, French, British, Spanish, German, Russian, American, Australian and Singapore <- my Vogues). I'm still very drawn to Vogues because of the monthly collections. The shoots are (mostly) very inspiring, drawing inspiration from a variety of themes, mixed with high fashion. I collect ELLE magazines as well, but only if there's interesting article or celebrity interview. Of course Italian Vogue is the elite (the pic above is Italian Vogue April 2008, and I have that Vogue xP). (Random note: On my lap top, I have a folder called 'Vogue caps'. I take pictures of inspiring or interesting images I see on Vogues or ELLEs and then I download them onto my lap top. This way I have a certain source for inspiration, I'll just need see to that folder).

Nr. 7. Movies.
Yup I love going to the movies and I love watching movies. Like with F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I use movies as a background noise. Any movie I have seen more than twice will do. If I'm painting I tend to 'watch' Black Swan after midnight. Recently I have been 'watching' Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bad Teacher and Showgirls a lot. My favourite movie genre is action, I especially enjoy fast chase scenes where the characters drive fast and shout at each other x'D I also like Jackie Chan fighting scenes. I'm very drawn to the dirty-comedy genre. Like the humour they have in FSM, Bad Teacher and 40 Year Old Virgin makes me chuckle (lots of swearing and dirty talking...). My favourite movies..too many but here's a few: Black Swan, Labyrinth, Fiddler on the Roof, Die Hard and Silence of the Lambs.

Nr. 6. Music.
I couldn't imagine my life without music. I may use movies as a background noise at home, but when I'm on the go I like to listen to music. I'd probably panic if I left my hot pink Ipod at home (unlikely) or if it ran out of battery X_x I need to be on the move to fully experience the music and its beat and sound. I love listening to music the most when I'm on a bus or in a car. It's so relaxing when we're driving to our cabin and I can listen to music and see the scenary pass me by. Music gives me inspiration as well (I daydream a lot when I'm listening to music). My Favourite singers: David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Ayumi Hamasaki, Rihanna and J-Pop (among others).

Nr. 5. Bunnies.
I like all things bunny, anything with a bunny in it will do <3 I have had a bunny fever for too long. I really really really want to have a bunny <3 But because I'm in between places, I cannot adopt one (or two). 6 years ago we had a lovely boy bunny, Kaneli (Cinnamon). We adopted him from an animal shelter. He was abandoned in a forest and found by a college girl, who then kept him a year. She left him in the shelter where we found him and adopted him a week later =D He was with us for 5 years. Bunnies have great personalities, and rabbit specialists say that some rabbits could well enough lead a pack of dogs xD Kaneli certainly had potential for that, he was quite headstrong. Rabbits are extremely kawaii desu nee!! (I mean look at the pic with the mommy bunny with her babies! =3) Have you ever heard a rabbit talk? I have! =^_^=

Nr. 4. "Cleanliness".
This is a tricky one. At home I'm not freaking out by the fact that 4 people are sitting on the toilet seat and  I don't know whether they put toiletpaper on the public toiletseats before sitting down. Or do they have like 'shoe' socks and indoor socks. I  freaked out about this stuff when I was living in Uni halls. I had my own bathroom and everytime I had visitors for a sleepover, I forced them to wear different, clean socks in my bathroom, and wear the other socks whilst walking in my room, they also wore different socks in my bed (we had carpet floors, and it was a Uni hall, you do the math!). At my parents house I can't monitor that, but I won't tolerate people who sit on my clean, nice bed, unless it's a daily cover they're sitting on! Hand hygiene is also very important to me. People who come to my place wash their hands.

Nr. 3. Chocolate.
I eat chocolate daily. I freak out a little if I realise that I haven't got any chocolate for tomorrow. It's my guilty pleasure. However, I'm not just talking about any chocolate. Cadbury's is shit, Hersey's is shit and Marabou is tolerable, but nothing can compare to Belgian choco *_* confectionary choco's from Belgium are a-may-zaaah!! So are Maxim's chocos. Hands down, Finland has a really awesome choco/candy/bakery company working for us, Fazer (join my 'I Love Fazer' group on Fbible!). My fav. Fazer choco used to be Milk choco filled with these mint balls O_o they used to sell that flavour in huuuge bars in Silja cruise line when I was little. But they took it off the market in 2005. After that I have liked their milk choco coffee flavour, milk choco liquorice flavour and now a new addition salty cashew flavour. (Random note: I really hate raisin-nut choco and I eat dark choco very rarely.)

Nr. 2. Workingout.
I started workingout regularly in 2009. Before that I practised Savate 2 times a week in winter-spring 2008. Now I do Turbo Fire, Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift (<- yeah this one sounds soooo cool). See my earlier entry on my workout programs. It's an addiction. I freak out a little if I know that I won't have time to workout at least 1,5h per week (my job is so draining). I'm happy if I can workout for 1,5h, 4 days a week, but unfortunately my current situtation won't allow me that. I get to work out 2 times a week, if I'm lucky. Anyways it's the high I get after I'm done =D The sore muscles in the morning makes me happy cause then I know I actually did something yesterday. Plus, in order to eat as much choco as I eat, and still stay fit, I have to workout regularly.

and the most 'obscure' obsession I have is...

Nr. 1. Makeups.

The pic above is all the makeups I use regularly, and I mean regularly. On your right we have MAC pigments, in the middle we have brushes, eyepencils and lipsticks and glosses, on our left I got my pallets, foundations, primer powder and foundation brushes. Yeah I'm a makeup junkie. Putting on makeup is my way of expressing myself (and my artistic impulses). For me, putting on makeup is like painting a painting =) I love the colours and textures and the variety of different looks I can create with them excites me =) People probably think I'm really shallow and vain (true) for being such a makeup piggy, but I don't care >=) I love my makeups. I'm a makeup junkie and a collector. (Random note: Xsparkage is my favourite makeup tutor on YouTube!).

Well  there you have it folks. I'm clearly obsessed.

Have a Happy Christmas you all! =^_^=


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