perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011


I always thought that blogs were for people who thought that their lives were soooo interesting that everyone wants to read about it. We all know that about 3 people are reading your blog, right? (unless you are a fashion blogger and get discovered by the time you are 13 and boom 'Hello Fame!'). Too sarcastic? Good. But then last month a really good friend of mine posted a long paragraph about her plans for the future. She apologized to her friends who she hadn't told about her plans of moving to another country soon. I knew, if you were wondering, but this got me into thinking something. I realized that I was getting to know my friend even better, because of her blog. I realised that even those who didn't know her so well could now get to know her too. I began to wonder if my friends knew me well or not. And would they like to get to know me better?

I never thought I'd be one of those people who write about their hobbies and jobs and daily lives online (facebook doesn't count!). Oh I'm Heini Mika BTW. A recently BA Fine Art graduate from England and a rookie artist living in Finland. Anarchy Panty as my avatar? Yeah, I love love looove Anarchy Panty from the japanese anime "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt". I've incorporated Panty as part of my alter ego, for now, even though I'm nothing like Anarchy Panty. I sound a little fake don't I, but the thing is that I wish I'd be a little bit like Panty. She would be my shield when I go out to face the world and the people (almost daily). Too bad I care too much about so many fckng things, that I can only wish that I was as (and more) outrageous as Anarchy Panty. But yeah about this blog. I said that I wish that my friends can get to know me better when they read my stuff, but there's a catch too. 
It's needless to say that the social media plays a crucial part in self-promotion, in all kinds of promotion actually. Getting the masses and various media's attention is done more frequently online than out there in the public. Which is partly why I decided to start this blog. I'm going to be promoting my art through this blog. I'm also going to be writing about art and artists, designers, make up tutors/tutorials, fashion and so on. I'm not Tavi Gevinson, but perhaps a blog of my own may help me to get some important people's attention to view my art and my work =) After all my dream is to be able to make a living on my art.

I'm not totally self-absorbed you know xD I'll only write about stuff that I believe in, that I like. No one is gonna pay me to say nice things about their products or so. Only real stuff here. 

Welcome to pantytalks!


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